April 22, 2022

2022 Compound Bow Review

Welcome back everyone!  This is the episode you have all be waiting for.  Aron goes over his thoughts and reviews on the new 2022 compound bows from most the major manufacturers.  Please support your local pro shop!

This episode's shoutouts go to:
Spot Hogg: https://spot-hogg.com/

Option Archery: https://optionarchery.com/

Black Eagle Arrows: https://blackeaglearrows.com/

Aron draws 29" at with a 478gr arrow, (+ or - 10 gr).

Bows Tested:
Hoyt Highline: https://hoyt.com/compound-bows/highline

Darton Spectre E: https://dartonarchery.com/spectra-e/

Mathews V3X 33: https://www.mathewsinc.com/product/v3x-33/

Bowtech SR350: https://bowtecharchery.com/bows/sr350/

Hoyt RX-7 Ultra: https://hoyt.com/compound-bows/carbon-rx-7/carbon-rx-7-ultra

Prime Inline 5: https://www.g5prime.com/prime-inline-5-hunting-bow/

**WINNER** PSE EVO XF33: https://psearchery.com/pse-evo-xf-33/

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