Aron and Frank cover their 2019 high country mule deer hunt.  They talk about what gear worked best for them, food issues, and answer questions folks...View Details

Hunting The High Country

In this episode Aron talks with Omni, the hunter he met on last years Mule Deer hunt in the high country of Colorado.  Omni goes over his latest Shee...View Details

James Yates

James Yates, creator of the Adak Bino System, joins the podcast to talk hunting Muleys and discusses his design philosophy behind the Adak.   Adak Bi...View Details

T and K Hunting Gear

Tyler Kath, Co-owner at T and K Hunting Gear, joins the podcast to discuss the importance of making quality gear in America.  Tyler doesn't F@ck aro...View Details

Things are always interesting when Luke Caudillo and Gerry Shaw are at Kifaru together.  Mix that with a feisty Frank and you have the makings for an...View Details

South Cox / Bane Pack

South Cox brought in a new bow for Aron...end result, a podcast full of hunting stories and a little bit of info on the new Bane pack co-designed by S...View Details

Joel Turner and Ben Maher

Joel Turner and Ben Maher join the podcast to discuss controlling your mental game and working through target panic. Shot IQ Ben Maher   Kifaru Becom...View Details

Tyler Freel Bear Hunt

Tyler Freel rejoins the podcast to discuss his latest bear hunt among many other great topics.

The Push

Aron has been taking a lot of flack with all the traditional archery episodes on Kifarucast, so why not invite Matt Zirnsak from The Push podcast and ...View Details

Bob Lee Bows

If you're looking for a new bow, this episode offers great advice from the fine folks at Bob Lee Bows.   Bob Lee built his first bow in 1951 with the...View Details

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