September 25, 2020

Muzzleloader Hunt

Frank Peralta recently embarked on his first ever Muzzleloader rifle hunt.  The hunt was filmed by professional photographer, and new Kifaru employee, David DeAustin.  We will have a film of the hunt released in the next couple of weeks.  For now, enjoy listening to the recap of the hunt.

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September 8, 2020

Antelope Hunt

Aron Snyder talks about his recent hunt using Danny Ferris' decoy, and discusses the proper use of the decoy in high winds.


Ultimate Predator Gear

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September 1, 2020

Mossback Outdoors

Doyle Moss, Guide, Outfitter, and professional photographer with Mossback Outdoors joins the podcast, and offers real world knowledge of the gear he uses.


Mossback Outdoors

Welcome to Mossback Outfitters. We take pride in delivering an unforgettable hunting experience. Whether your “Bucket List” is a Giant Bull Elk in Utah, or a “Arizona Strip” Buck of Lifetime, We deliver. From the high elevations where the Goats run wild, to the cliffs and crags holding Giant Rams We deliver. Our Dogs are unstoppable on Bears and Lions and our Guides are too. Come share the Sunrises and Sunsets in the quest for giants in amazing places with amazing people. We currently operate in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Washington, Montana, British Columbia and more. Take some time and click around the website.  If its a Hunt or a Tag you are looking for? Let us do the leg work and find you exactly what you are looking for. Tags from CWMU’s, Landowners, Conservation Permits & Convention Permits we’ve got em all! We have the resources and a competitive pricing guide with several options depending on your dream hunt.  Lets Go Hunt! ~ Doyle Moss

Doyle Moss Photography

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August 27, 2020


BASEMAP has been updated recently with new features.  Aron and Frank go over the updates among many other topics.  If you are considering an app like BASEMAP be sure to download the app directly from and enter the code KIFARU for a discount.

Here at BaseMap we want to empower outdoorsmen and women to spend more time outside doing what they love. We want everyone to be able to go for a hike, go fishing, or even just explore your own hometown with our product. Our goal is to continuously provide cutting edge technology, innovation, and information that our customers really want. We believe that BaseMap will allow people to spend more time outdoors in a safe way, creating memories to last a lifetime. Our vision is to empower everyone to Own The Outdoors.

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August 26, 2020

Power Athlete

Founded by 10 Year NFL Veteran John Welbourn, Power Athlete is the world leader in delivering goal orientated performance programming.


one of the topics covered in this episode is foot health, for in depth information, give a listen to Power Athlete Radio Episode 377 with Dr. Emily Splitchal


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August 20, 2020

Alpacka Rafts

When two gentleman who grew up in the wilds get together, the results are a wonderful conversation on experiences in the backcountry and the proper use of equipment.  When both of these gentlemen are small business owners you gain great insight into what drives their passion to make high quality gear.  Meet Thor Tingey, Founder and CEO of Alpacka Rafts, a family owned company in Manco Colorado. 

About Alpacka Rafts

Today, every Alpacka Raft packraft is manufactured by hand in our Mancos, Colo., factory by skilled craftsmen and women that are dedicated to their craft. The current models are the product of years of experiments, re-design, and great feedback from the boating community.

Sheri remains our head designer. Thor rejoined the company in 2016 as the Chief Executive Officer, handling our day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and design assistance. And Thor’s wife, Sarah is the Chief Operating Officer, doing everything from planning outreach events, to partnering with nonprofits, to giving Sheri’s latest creation a whirl on the water. On any given day, up to 50% of our shop staff may be dogs.

We continue to build tiny, little boats for those who demand something unreasonable from them. Our designs and innovation have refined and defined the sport, and with the help of adventurers all over the world, pushed packrafting further than we ever thought possible.

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August 18, 2020

Petra Hilleberg

Learn all about Hilleberg tents from, quite possibly, the nicest CEO and President on the planet.


IN 1971, BO HILLEBERG, a professional forester, founded his own company, Hilleberg AB. That same year, while on a ski vacation in the Austrian Tyrol, Bo met Renate Neuner. After a couple of years, the two had fallen in love, married, and she had moved with him to Stockholm, Sweden. Their marriage was the final, necessary ingredient in the mix that has become Hilleberg the Tentmaker.

Before Renate, Bo’s fledgling company was primarily a forestry equipment concern, with tent making as a hoped-for sideline. An avid, lifelong outdoorsman, Bo was terminally frustrated with tents that required pitching the inner tent first and then covering it with a loose rain fly that usually displayed the same properties as a kite in the wind. He envisioned a tent that had an outer and inner tent that pitched together, simultaneously – but he didn’t have the necessary sewing skills. With Bo and Renate’s marriage, conjugal and commercial became one: Renate took charge of the sewing while Bo handled design and sales, and with their combined efforts, the company flourished.

Today, family and business are still inextricably linked. Bo is Chairman, and is senior advisor to the product development team; daughter Petra is CEO of the Hilleberg Group, President of both Hilleberg AB in Sweden and Hilleberg Inc in the US; and Bo, Renate, Petra and her brother Rolf make up the governing board of directors – clearly, family synergy continues to beget success.

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August 14, 2020

Wilderness Athlete

Wilderness Athlete® is committed to improving the health & quality of life for the outdoor athlete by providing field tested, scientifically validated nutrition and sports performance product formulations.

Wilderness Athlete is The Authority on Outdoor Performance Nutrition® specializing in unique, scientifically validated product formulations addressing the need for quality health and physical conditioning for the outdoor athlete before, during and after outdoor activity so every second spent outdoors is experienced to the fullest.

Mark Paulsen founded Wilderness Athlete based on one simple question, “Why hasn’t the science of mainstream sports nutrition been applied to the specific needs of the outdoor athlete?  After all, there are no locker rooms or timeouts in the backcountry.”  Mr. Paulsen’s relationships with expert nutritionists and top collegiate and professional athletes enabled him to answer his own question by launching Wilderness Athlete to enhance the outdoor experience for the 75% of the population that participates in outdoor activities each year.

Working Athlete

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August 11, 2020

Passing The Torch

After a lifetime of outdoor adventures leading to multiple industry firsts in comfort and longevity in the backcountry, Patrick Smith finally found worthy successors to carry on the torch of Kifaru.  Truly a bittersweet moment in the lives of Patrick and Sarah Smith, who built two companies, MountainSmith from their garage, and Kifaru for serious backcountry hunters.  May we all learn from Patrick's wisdom and carry on producing gear worthy of the Kifaru brand.

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August 4, 2020

Luke Caudillo

Luke Caudillo is back on the podcast.  You're welcome.

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