Chris Roe

February 13, 2019

Chris Roe joins the podcast to discuss public issues and issues with going public in social media.


Roe Hunting Resources



Jason Phelps

February 7, 2019

Jason Phelps joins the podcast to discuss his new collaboration with Angry Mountain Productions called Tradition.


Angry Mountain Productions is proud to release our first series, Tradition. Tradition is a day to day YouTube series encompassing six friends. Jason Phelps, Nick Schmit, Jon Gabrio, Tyson Drevniak, Charlie Smith and Kelley Smith. They hunt six states in the fall of 2018. Everything from archery elk, muzzleloader elk, rifle and even deer hunts. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of our daily video as each drops at 5pm day after day. Find out what Tradition means to us, as hunters, family, conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. This action packed series is one you will surely not want to miss!gry Mountain Productions


Phelps Game Calls

Phelps game calls was established by myself (Jason Phelps) in 2009. I was always fascinated with calling animals into close range and thinking about hunting, so I asked myself what better hobby than making calls? I set out to make the most realistic and easy to use cow elk call available. After extensive testing, I found a combination that sounded very good and was very easy to play. I then started making and marketing my first elk calls. Since then I have made Predator, Deer, Turkey, and other calls. I am always working to provide calls that first produce the most accurate sounds possible and second I want an attractive looking custom call.


Dark Timber Coffee

February 6, 2019

All I want is a good cup of coffee after editing this episode.


Dark Timber Coffee

Since 2004, our founder and master roaster has been sourcing, roasting and blending some of the worlds finest coffees. Every coffee that we roast is carefully, and skillfully, developed to highlight their unique flavors.


Lathrop & Sons

February 1, 2019

This one is all about boots.


About Lathrop and Sons

Lathrop & Sons is not your run-of-the-mill mail order footwear company. We're not salesmen, we're outdoorsmen!

When you call us, you won't get somebody peddling products that they have never used, or better yet even know how to use. No call centers. No answering services. Not in our business. You will speak directly with either Stephen or James two of the owners, both whom have been infected with a passion to hunt comfortably.

Couple these facts with over 50 years of specialized foot-care training and it becomes obvious why we are a step above the competition.

 To all of you, from all of us at Lathrop and Sons - Thank you and Happy Hunting!


Chris Molina

January 24, 2019

Frank Peralta, in his first solo podcast, discusses a multitude of hunting topics with his good friend, Chris Molina.


Compton Traditional Bowhunters

January 22, 2019

Dave Hewett, Vice President of Compton Traditional Bowhunters, joins the podcast to discuss the growing community of traditional bowhunters.


Compton Traditional Bowhunters

Traditional bowhunters talked about having their own organization for years, but it wasn't until May of 1999, at the Pope and Young Club Awards Banquet, that a meeting of interested bowhunters was held to discuss the possibilities of such an organization. An article by Glenn St. Charles, “IT’S TIME,” appeared in the Dec/Jan 1996 issue of TRADITIONAL BOWHUNTER MAGAZINE encouraging traditional bowhunters to form their own organization, and to create a separate identity distinct from the modern bowhunter. Many bowhunters agreed with Glenn, feeling it was, indeed, time. Out of this initial meeting came a second, smaller, meeting held in conjunction with the “Traditional Bowhunter’s Nationals,” which were held each year in Cloverdale, Indiana. The 15 to 20 bowhunters who attended this meeting became the nucleus of the steering committee which formed COMPTON TRADITIONAL BOWHUNTERS. Glenn St. Charles attended both meetings and was a major contributor to the formation of the organization. Glenn also formed the famed Pope and Young Club in the late 1950's to show the hunting world of the day that the longbow and recurve bow and arrow was a worthy hunting weapon and should be taken seriously...goals that few of today’s bowhunters recognize as necessities in that era.


Alabama Hunt

January 16, 2019

Bryan Broderick, Aron Snyder, and Frank Peralta discuss their recent Alabama hunt.  If you have questions pertaining to broadhead selection this episode provides ample information.


Donnie Vincent

January 15, 2019

Donnie Vincent joins the podcast!  Aron and Donnie discuss shooting discipline, gear, food, and poo (Lord knows Aron works hard on poo maintenance) in this episode, as well as Donnie's desire to pick up a Trad bow.


Driven by nature, Donnie has consistently let the outdoors and his passion for adventure be the compass for his life. The wide open expanses of the world’s most remote territories dominate his thoughts and conversations. Deep in the heart of the wildest of terrain is where Donnie thrives. On his expeditions into remote wilds, in the lands where seemingly no one lives, he finds a wilderness and peacefulness that is all his own. The premier example of explorer, biologist, conservationist, and sportsman, Donnie takes a wider view of the topics he tackles while in the field, because to him, this is all a story worth telling. A story of ancestral heritage, native respect, and the desire to live strongly, empowering us all to open our minds to the bigger picture and inspiring us to find our own adventure.


Ninety Minute Q&A

January 11, 2019


Q: 00:01:13 How bad would the podcast have been if you didn't edit Drummond!?

Q: 00:02:49 Are you working on puffy pants?

Q: 00:03:34 Are you going to do a series of workout videos?

Q: 00:04:25 Will you do a 10k giveaway?

Q: 04:42:00 Any suggestions on gauging boot stiffness when shopping online?

Q: 00:05:54 Is there any reason not to shoot small veins?

Q: 00:07:05 What rain gear would you choose for the northwest?

Q: 00:08:25 What is the best species for teaser pics?

Q: 00:08:47 Best pad for side sleepers?

Q: 00:09:35 How are you so successful on public land?

Q: 00:11:08 Are you going to have more apparel?

Q: 00:11:18 Best budget bow setup?

Q: 00:12:32 Did Aron ever hunt high country Black Tails in Washington?

Q: 00:13:54 Best optics choice when not using a tripod?

Q: 00:14:11 Does Frank live in your basement?

Q: 00:14:41 Can we drink a few beers together sometime?

Q: 00:14:56 Recommendation on boots for planter fasciitis

Q: 00:16:24 Are Aron and Amy in the process of adopting Tort Life...Optics recommendation?

Q: 00:17:19 How do you hunt with the same people for a week?

Q: 00:18:46 What were you carrying for packs in Alberta?

Q: 00:20:41 How important is a quality Gator for late season hunts?

Q: 00:21:27 Can you explain the Day Six center pin system?

Q: 00:22:36 What is a good way to improve passthrough?

Q: 00:23:13 Why did you switch to a Prime bow?

Q: 00:23:55 What do you mean by how many miles you hiked in for a hunt?

Q: 00:24:51 Have bow designs stagnated?

Q: 00:26:50 Who would win a fight between Jocko and Frank?

Q: 00:27:13 How many times has Frank been treated with STD's?

Q: 00:28:16 Glove recommendation for BC?

Q: 00:29:44 Frank...what is the best Cougar unit in all the states you have hunted Cougars!

Q: 00:30:38 Best tripod for 300 - 400 dollars?

Q: 00:31:15 Top three pants for hunting?

Q: 00:32:24 What type of layering system do you use when hunting Whitetails?

Q: 00:33:07 What do you look for in a day pack?

Q: 00:33:49 What is your opinion on Texas private land hunts?

Q: 00:35:03 Which is a better sleeping pad, Thermarest Neo Air, or Klymit Static V?

Q: 00:36:27 Are you looking for new gloves for 2019?

Q: 00:37:09 Would you take a frontal shot with a recurve?

Q: 00:37:15 How do you protect extra lenses in your pack?

Q: 00:37:43 For a first time bow hunter which would be better, a traditional bow or compound bow?

Q: 00:39:11 Long cut or snuff?

Q: 00:39:45 What is one piece of gear that is never left out?

Q: 00:40:17 What is a good middle of the road spotting scope?

Q: 00:40:51 Are hunters being too PC?

Q: 00:44:25 Any new products this year, how about hike seminars?

Q: 00:45:04 Which direction do you need to offset your fletch when using a single bevel broadhead?

Q: 00:45:29 What stove do you recommend for a SuperTarp?

Q: 00:45:52 Frank what is your predator calling sequence?

Q: 00:47:18 Is is bad to leave a bear hide in the field and only take home the meat?

Q: 00:49:16 Frank, what is your opinion on the new Prime Logic?

Q: 00:49:28 ???

Q 00:49:40 Have rubber boots made a difference in you Whitetail hunts?

Q: 00:50:00 What are some of your favorite bow sights?

Q: 00:50:34 Can you really only get Syphilis once?

Q: 00:51:03 Puffy Vests

Q: 00:51:38 How do you figure out what size traditional bow to shoot?

Q: 00:52:43 Do you have any plans to hunt in Africa?

Q: 00:52:59 Can you make some videos on bare shaft tuning?

Q: 00:53:21 What components would you use for high FOC starter arrows?

Q: 00:53:38 Can you hunt without camo clothing?

Q: 00:54:10 How do you cook your wild game?

Q: 00:54:19 What gear do you take for a 3 - 4 night hunt with rain in the forecast?

Q: 00:55:00 What is your recommendation for a varmint rifle and caliber?

Q: 00:55:52 Does Kifaru make a pack that separates from the frame to haul meat?

Q: 00:56:19 Arrow weight set up for Whitetail

Q: 00:56:59 What differences have you noticed since switching up your diet?

Q: 00:57:25 Would a Kifaru pack benefit a person who has had herniated discs?

Q: 00:58:00 Would you recommend Lathrop and Sons insoles?

Q: 00:58:29 Angled or straight spotter?

Q: 00:58:44 Do you really need the latest bow designs to hunt?

Q: 00:59:24 Are you planning on changing your setup for Whitetail hunting?

Q: 00:59:31 What is a good weight to start with for a traditional bow?

Q: 00:59:38 Do you do anything to protect your camera batteries in cold weather hunts?

Q: 00:59:51 Which do you like better, Maven or Meopta?

Q: 01:00:16 Are you planning on coming out with a chest rig?

Q: 01:00:32 What is your favorite non typical characteristic on antlers?

Q: 01:01:32 What is your favorite hunt you have been on, what is your favorite animal to hunt?

Q: 01:02:18 With all the instafamous hunters unable to eat the meat they harvest, at what point do they become trophy hunters?

Q: 01:05:06 DIY Elk hunt, what state do you recommend for high success rate and affordability?

Q: 01:05:59 Which pack do you prefer for a 5 - 10 day hunt, the Crater, Cavern, or Muskeg?

Q: 01:06:32 How many Alberta Cougars did Tort Life take down?

Q: 01:06:42 What causes porpoising of arrows coming out of the bow?

Q: 01:06:58 Spotter recommendation, Leica 65 or Zeiss Victory 85?

Q: 01:07:30 Do you think there will ever be a Aron Snyder/Kifaru Black Widow signature bow?

Q: 0107:43 What pin would you use as a floater on a moveable sight?

Q: 01:08:12 Any plans on making a camera holster?

Q: 01:08:25 ParaTipi design a mistake?

Q: 01:09:40 What is a good starter Recurve?

Q: 01:09:56 What could be a negative of being over-spined?

Q: 01:10:17 Worst guest on the podcast?

Q: 01:10:57 Attempt to stir up shit...

Q: 01:11:32 Any plans to make another panel loader?

Q: 01:11:38 Know anyone wanting to buy a Kifaru Ultralight Rifle?

Q: 01:12:03 All Swazi questions

Q: 01:13:07 Do you keep a hunting journal?

Q: 01:13:22 Do you rate your Slickbags as a true temperature rating?

Q: 01:14:04 Good headlamp for blood trailing?

Q: 01:14:18 Will Frank the Tank go Trad?

Q: 01:14:38 Boot recommendation

Q: 01:15:30 How do you organize your gear at home?

Q: 01:15:48 What do you do when other hunters camp near you?

Q: 01:16:58 Importance of nocks?

Q: 01:17:52 What factors make for a stalk able buck?

Q: 01:18:44 What do you look for in a glassing spot and how long to you glass?

Q: 01:19:31 What is your favorite Spam concoction?

Q: 01:19:41 What is the best way to find a cow elk in late season November?

Q: 01:20:18 Do you reuse game bags?

Q: 01:20:43 How do you pick a camp location so as not to disturb the animals?

Q: 01:20:59 What are the pros and cons of the new frame vs the old one?

Q: 01:21:44 Can you touch on the Steripens that work?

Q: 01:22:49 What are the biggest lessons you have learned about hunting?

Q: 01:23:14 Will the center pin in the Valkyrie system fit the Day Six arrows?

Q: 01:23:48 Are there any drills to help improve traditional bow accuracy?

Q: 01:24:43 How do you determine a good archery Mule Deer unit in Colorado?

Q: 01:25:19 What is one thing a rookie should never leave behind?

Q: 01:31:48 Can I come to the shop and try on pack with different weights?

Q: 01:32:03 What is the best all-around bag size you have found?

Q: 01:32:23 Where do you find wind floaters?


Jake Downs

January 8, 2019

Experienced traditional and compound bow hunter, Jake Downs, joins the podcast to dicsuss his Mountain Goat hunt.