Justin Gaethje and Luke Caudillo

December 5, 2018

Justin Gaethje and Luke Caudillo from Gladiators Unleashed join the podcast to discuss Lukes "record" setting Whitetail Deer.


Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje

Born in Safford, Arizona, Gaethje began wrestling when he was 4 years old. He was a two-time Arizona state champion as a wrestler at Safford High School, and a NCAA Division I All-American wrestler during his time at the University of Northern Colorado. He began his amateur MMA career while in college, turned professional in 2011 and joined the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) in 2013, where he became Lightweight Champion. He defended his WSOF belt five times before vacating it to join the UFC in 2017.


Luke "Lil Hulk" Caudillo

Born and raised in the railroad town of North Platte, NE. Like a lot of rural Americans, Caudillo began hunting and fishing with his brothers, cousins, and friends at the age of ten. After high school, Caudillo got involved in mix martial arts (MMA). Next thing you know fighting became his career. MMA was good to Caudillo, as he made it to the top level of the sport (UFC) and currently has made coaching a big part of his life. He has enjoyed seeing his two joys come together, fighting and hunting. Hunting has always been about family and friends to Caudillo, and now it's about his teammates too.


Robby Denning

November 29, 2018

Author Robby Denning, Mule Deer expert and Franks man crush, joins the podcast to discuss Mule Deer hunting tactics.  Also, in this episode…a discussion on how everyone adores social media.


Oklahoma Whitetail

November 27, 2018

Aron Snyder and Brian Broderick with Day Six Arrows recount their Whitetail hunt in Oklahoma.  More great information on arrow configuration and Whitetail hunting tips.


Striker Bows

November 21, 2018

This episode is a wonderful conversation about bows and traditional archery.



Rick Ellis has been producing custom handcrafted longbows and recurves since 1997. What started out as a simple urge to construct his own handcrafted longbow has turned into over a decades worth of customer happy products that can be found nearly around the world. The product speaks for itself. A simple internet search for Striker Bows will result in pages of comments and reviews from customers who all have different stories but one common theme…they love their bow.

Sometimes in life things just fall into place. Striker Bows was born from a desire to harvest a deer with a small and sleek traditional bow that wasn’t available on the market, so Rick Ellis went to work building his own. Those first simple designs out of a garage in Ohio have evolved into a unique line of longbows and recurves sold across the globe. A family business from the beginning, Rick’s sons, Dusty and John, have gone from helping dad whenever needed to full partners in bringing ingenuity and performance to the traditional bow market.

Twenty years of hard work and constant innovation have led to the introduction of the RK1. This bow incorporates the performance and precision that Striker is known for, while adding new options and flexibility that the modern archer is accustomed to.The drive for excellence has taken Striker from a one-man operation to one of the leading traditional bow companies in the world. The Striker Bows family will continue to work with modern technology and time-honored values to bring the traditional archer the best equipment available in the cosmos.

Striker Traditional Archery
22 S. Main St.
Minster, Ohio 45865


Tyler Freel

November 15, 2018

Tyler Freel

Alaska is a unique melting pot of people who are drawn here, and as far as the United States goes, it truly is The Last Frontier. I have been a contributing writer for Outdoor Life magazine for the past 7 years, and have been living and hunting in Alaska for 16 years.

Tyler's Podcast

Tundra Talk



Coach Perkins

November 13, 2018

Aron invites his high school football coach hunting in Colorado, which results in an exemplary buck.  Topics discussed this episode are Arons high school football days, how coach Perkins influenced his life, and wildlife management via the government vs hunters hunting public lands.


Alberta 2018

November 8, 2018

Jeff Lander from Primitive Outfitting joins Aron to discuss his 2018 Alberta Mule Deer hunt


Jeff Lander, is originally from Washington State. He moved to British Columbia in 1988 and resides in BC with his wife Lana. Jeff has bowhunted most of his life and decided in 1994 to pursue his passion with making it his job. Jeff and his three daughters, Rachel, Kirsten and Lisse, have been living in Alberta since 1996 where he started outfitting whitetail deer, mule deer and waterfowl. Jeff acquired an outfitting concession in British Columbia in 2005 to pursue his dream of guiding bowhunter's to grizzlies, black bear and moose.

While Jeff prefers to hunt with traditional equipment, he primarily guides hunters who use compound bows, and occasional rifle hunter.
Jeff's hunting experience and easy going attitude will make your hunt enjoyable and one to remember.


Elk Shape

November 6, 2018
Dan (The Fitness Man) Stanton joins the podcast to discuss practical fitness and nutrition for hunters.
Hunt Like An Athlete » by Dan Staton

Hunt like an athlete sounds a hell of a lot better than hunt like a couch potato. An athlete is fit for the mountains and conditioned to excel at the sport of hunting. The essence of hunting is becoming a formidable predator. A predator enters the woods prepared for any and all eventuality and gladly welcomes adversity. In order to hunt like an athlete, you have to train like an athlete. Stop. I didn’t say you had to run ultra-marathons, shoot everyday, nor did I say you had to be an extremist. But there is definitely a rising tide of new age hunters taking to the field fit to conquer new ground and tame the mountains. An athlete trains in all areas of fitness throughout the year and above all, possesses mental toughness. Athletes test their physical and mental capacity often, and thrive when competing against the ravages of Mother Nature. Whether you’re young, old, wealthy, poor, weak or strong, Mother Nature does not discriminate.

Elk Shape



Wengerd Archery

November 1, 2018

I was fascinated with archery ever since I was able to pull back the string on the small fiberglass bows my dad had bought for us kids to play with.
When I got a little older I started building my own bows out of the serviceberry bushes that were plentifull around our house in NW Montana.  None of them would last more then a few days of course because I was building them green and as soon as they would dry out they would stiffen up. Even so I got some kind of satisfaction out of it. When I was around 11yrs old my grandpa gave me an old Bear Grizzly, a bow he had bought for my dad and uncle to use when they were teenagers.  I shot that for awhile then bought an older Martin compound to use for my first year bowhunting.  I hunted that season but never got a shot with a bow.  
The recurve bug had started to bite when a good friend gave me a copy of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine.  I read it cover to cover multiple times.  One day I was showing my dad a picture of someone building a bow.  He looked at it and said "that looks like something you would do".  After talking about it some more and a bit of planning, the materials were ordered.  Even though I was only 12yrs old my dad had let me work in his wood working shop on a number of projects ranging from nightstands to turkey calls.  My first bow however was definitely a notch harder than what I was used to.  Even so I was able to finish it and believe it or not it still shoots even though it's the ugliest bow I have ever seen.  
When I started building bows I had no intention of hunting with them I just wanted to build and shoot recurves for fun but hunt with a compound.  It didn't take long to change my mind. The idea of killing a deer or elk with a bow I had built was just too good to pass up.  So that year I decided to hunt with my recurve.  It took a few years but I finally started having success, and as time went on the more success I was having.  
​Getting into bow building full time was something I had wanted to do ever since I was 12 but I guess I never quite had the guts to make the jump till now. Having a job I enjoyed didn't help either.  I was working in the mountains all summer and building/carving furniture and doors in the winter.  But now my family and I are moving back to NW Montana where I grew up and I Figured it's now or never.  
​M. Trent Wengerd


Myron Trent Wengerd
Wengerd Archery
(406) 529-0888
​HERON, MT 59844


Live To Learn With Matt Davis

October 30, 2018

Theories abound for the perfect arrow setup…no single setup works for everyone in the rising world of traditional archery.   Practice your butt off,  find what works best for you, then get outdoors and enjoy the experience of the hunt…successful or not.