Aron Snyder Is F’d Up: Matthew Bernier To The Rescue

October 17, 2018

Matthew Bernier, Soft tissue expert and first-time hunter joins the podcast with Aron Snyder, longtime hunter, combating the toll years of intense backcountry adventures has taken.  Together they share expertise in their respective fields with the end goal to make Matthew a better hunter, and to help Aron find muscle relief and regain his full potential in the field.


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Hunting Hippie: Grant Gladson

October 11, 2018

Grant Gladson, "guidling" at Midnight Sun Safaris out of Alaska, joins Aron Snyder on the podcast to discuss gear effectiveness hunting in Alaska vs. Colorado.

Midnight Sun Safaris


Henry Ferguson: 2018 Mule Deer Hunt

October 10, 2018

After almost an hour of social media distraction and Frank Peralta making everyone uncomfortable, Henry Ferguson finally gets to talk about his Mule Deer hunting adventures.


Tom Clum - Arrow Setup

October 4, 2018

This episode with Tom Clum is all about arrow setup


Zac Owens

October 2, 2018

Zac Owens joins the podcast to discuss his archery equipment and his upcoming hunts.

Wild Chaos

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A Very “Un-PC” Episode

September 27, 2018

Baboons and goats are involved...enough said.


2018 High Country Mule Deer: South Cox

September 26, 2018

South Cox joins the podcast to discuss his 2018 Mule Deer hunt


2018 High Country Mule Deer Hunt: Day Six Arrows

September 20, 2018

Brian Broderick joins Aron and Frank on the podcast to discuss Day Six Arrows.

Day Six Gear

Born out of necessity, Day Six designs and builds specialized equipment for hunters. As the hunting industry steers away from quality and towards quantity, Day Six remains focused on gear that will perform in the worst of conditions.

Our goal is to identify holes in the market where quality gear is needed and provide solutions to fill those gaps. Everything we design is for our own use, we are just making extra for others who also want good gear.

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We have purposely configured this business to deliver our customers a superior product at a fair price utilizing the Consumer-direct model.


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2018 High Country Mule Deer Hunt: Gear and Tactics

September 18, 2018

Fresh off their epic Mule Deer hunt, Aron and Frank cover the gear they used, glassing techniques, and lessons learned after over twelve days in the field.


2018 High Country Mule Deer Hunt

September 13, 2018

Aron and Frank provide a day by day account of their high country mule deer hunt.  An incredible amount of blood sweat, and tears went into this hunt.